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Block B is a 7-member South Korean hip-hop group that was created by ChoPD. Their first single album “Do u wanna B?”, along with the title’s track MV ‘그대로 멈춰라!’ (Freeze), were released on April 14th, 2011.

Previously known in the underground hip-hop scene by Blockbuster (블록버스터), the group had several changes until their current formation: Zico (leader, group’s producer and rapper), Jaehyo (sub-vocal), B-Bomb (main dancer and sub-vocal), Taeil (main vocal), Kyung (rapper), U-Kwon (dancer and sub-vocal) and P.O (rapper). Previous trainees include HanHae (now of PHANTOM), with whom Zico collaborated in his album Mixtape 1. Their remake of song "Billionaire" is widely known and loved among fans because of Han Hae's amazing vocals and Zico's incredible rap. Another previous trainee is Tagoon (Song Minho of B.O.M) who was also featured on Zico's mixtapes and Hanhae's.

The members were trained by Cho PD to work on writing and composing about 100 songs over the course of their training period. Training them to become a singer-songwriters, he hoped to expand their experience and competence level, as well as promote “expert ease”. Their albums are now written and produced mostly by leader Zico.

Block B with their variety of talents and incredible stage presence, are a breath of fresh air in Kpop industry.

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