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Having chosen among thousands of hopefuls, this brand new trio was formed through a series of auditions that lasted for a year. Often compared to Monday Kids, Brand New Day has just as unforgettable voices attained through two years of harsh training. Rather than relying on eye-catching visual, Brand New Day will make names for themselves solely with their talents and passion for music. Their hybrid music will certain grab the attention of music lovers and soon put them among top-ranking singers.

For two years, Jang Hye Jin, Ilac and Monday Kiz worked with Brand New Day in vigorous vocal training for their strong debut with their first mini album "Lady Garden" in January 2009. Their debut track was "Survivable", an upbeat ballad track showcasing members Chae Rin, Soo Ah and Soo Ji's hard years of practice. The track was very well received as they earned the Cyworld Digital Music Rookie of the Month award for "Survivable" in June of that year. The road following the debut wasn't smooth sailing, however. Early into their debut, member Soo Ah was also reported to have vocal cord tuberclue. Not only that, the other two members showed signs of laryngitis. With them practicing a lot for their performances, and singing live for all of them, the girls had over-exerted their vocals. Later on, they did get better and continued on with their live performances.

Following their first mini album, Brand New Day returned later that summer with a new concept where instead of a strong ballad, they sang a catchy dance-pop song. However, it wasn't well received by netizens. Member Chae Rin also did a beautiful duet with male soloist Ilac. Furthermore, Brand New Day had an opportunity to sing for the hit drama "Boys Before Flowers", lending their exceptionally remarkable voices. Their last release was in July 2009, in which the ladies showed off their sweet side with "A Match Made in Heaven."

Currently they are listed under a new company. Hopefully they will release a new single or album in the near future.

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