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BT-SWING is a four-member South Korean girl group that is under 101 Doors, managed by Bubble Sisters' Seo Seunghee (or better known as Nanda). The group is set to debut in March 2012. Members J.bin and Xing-na orginally debuted in 2011 in girl group "Type-S" with label mate Siwoo from group B2LADY which disbanded after a while. Both members together with Siwoo joined 101 Doors' new project 'BT-SWING' as the first line-up of the group. H.hyun was later added to the group, making them into a four-member group. It was later announced that member Siwoo left the group with Baby Kimi's addition to the group, remaining in her group B2LADY. Member Baby Kimi who is better known as Ulzzang Kim Seulmi originally debuted in former girl group EI YO in 2011 with the song "Stay Out Of Sight". After it's disband she joined 101 Doors and BT-SWING, being the Maknae, the youngest of the group. BT-SWING will make their debut with the single "Rescue 101" with the same titled track and it's English Version "Make It Work".

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