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DNT (Dragon N Tiger) is a South Korean boy band that combines two genres: ballad and dance.

Their 4th digital single album music video is "Knock Knock", an energetic and upbeat song where the 5 members perform their dance moves in a dark setting.

Their name is DNT (Dragon n Tiger), which consists of the Dragon team (Joonyong, Taegu) who focus on dance, and the Tiger team (Chiho, Byungkyu), who focus on ballad.

The "D" initial of DNT is derived from the name of Dragon team's leader, Joonyong. The "Yong" part of his name means "dragon", giving the "D" of "dragon". The "T" initial is from Tiger team's leader, Chiho. The "Ho" part of his name starts the word "horangi", which means "tiger".

DNT's first title track, "두사람 그리고 그후" is attracting the attention of netizens with its unique combination of balld and dance music.

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