LED Apple

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Han Byul (Vocals)
Young Jun (Guitar)
Keon U (Keyboard)
Hyo Seok (Drums)
Kwang Yeon (formerly ZEU) (Bass)
Kyu Min (Vocals)

Former Members

I-OH (Vocals)
Min Young (Vocals)
Seung Hyun (Drums)
Jae Hoon (Vocals)

The group has been through multiple line-up changes since their debut in barely a year; after the release of their debut single, "LED Apple", I-OH withdraw as it was affected of tuberculosis, however he’s stated that he will still remain with the company. Min Young and Seung Hyun left due unknown reasons. For the release of their first mini-album, Niga Mwonde, three new members joined the band Hyo Seok, Jae Hoon and Kyu Min, however Jae Hoon left short after. For the release of their second single, "CODA", two new members joined again the band Han Byul and Keon U, becoming a 6-member band. All this changes made LED Apple's each releases to be promoted by different members except for Kwang Yeon and Young Jun who are the only two original members.

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