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A Daesung Entertainment copresident was on vacation in Hawaii, when he saw a young Eun Ji Won and Kang Sung Hoon dancing. Kim Jae Duc and Lee Jae Jin were in a dance group called 'Quicksilvers' in their home town of Busan. One of the members sent in a tape to Daesung. Juno (Who was in Seo Taiji and Boys at the time) called in Jae Duc for his group called The Young Turks Club, but he decided Jae Duc did not fit, so he sent Jae Duc to DSP and they cast him in. Lee Jae Jin stayed behind to help Quicksilvers, but Jae Duc insisted DSP to cast him. During an open audition, Jang Su Won was cast and accepted. Finally, Ko Ji Yong was introduced to DSP by Sung Hoon as they had been friends since elementary.


Black Kies and White Kies
The group is divided into 2 sets of 3 members, the "Black Kies" and the "White Kies". The "Black Kies" mostly did the rapping and the "White Kies" would do the vocals. Though they were both seen dancing, they often appeared in constellations separating the "white" from the "black" ones. Black Kies were the three older members of the band, while White Kies were the younger members.

Black Kies:
Eun Ji Won (은지원, leader, rap, vocals)
Lee Jae Jin (이재진, rap, choreography)
Kim Jae Duc (김재덕, rap, choreography)

White Kies:
Kang Sung Hoon (강성훈, lead vocals)
Ko Ji Yong (고지용, vocals, rap)
Jang Su Won (장수원, vocals)

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