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T-ara is a South Korean girl group formed by Mnet Media in 2009. Before their debut, there was a high level of interest in the group as they were called "Super Rookies" and had been training for three years prior to debut. Originally a five member group, they released their first song "Good Person" for the Cinderella Man OST in April 2009. In June 2009 members Jiwon and Jiae left the group, ruining the original plans for debut. The next month, T-ara regrouped to become a 6 member group and released their debut single "Geojitmal".

The group then added Ru Hwayoung in 2010, turning them into a 7 member group.

June of 2012, Ahreum was accepted into the group as the 8th member and the company is expected to transform T-ara into a 9-member group as they added Dani in December of 2012.

In July 2012, it was announced that Ryu Hwayoung was dismissed from the group and will no longer be a member of T-ara, converting T-ara back into an 8-member girl group.

Boram - Sub-Vocalist
Qri - Sub-Vocalist, Sub-Rapper
So Yeon - Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Eun Jung - Vocalist, Main Rapper
Hyo Min - Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer
Ji Yeon - Main Dancer, Vocalist, Visual
Ahreum- Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer
Dani- Maknae, Possibly Lead Vocalist

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